I was recommended to Glossier by a friend and it's safe to say I will now be keeping it stocked in my cabinet at all times. There's a lot of BS in skincare and makeup these days, but Glossier is the ultimate no BS, "skin before makeup" kind of product; simple, straight to the point, no extra fluff and no harm to animals. If you want your face to feel dewey and glowing this stuff is for you. I highlight a few of my faves below, use my link at the bottom for 20% off at checkout - you won't be disappointed!  


Soothing Face Mist: I use the Soothing Face Mist three times a day: right after I wash my face in the morning before the Priming Moisturizer, during the day to revitalize that dull midday makeup face, and at night right before bed and applying night cream. It smells amazing; like an aloe plant and a rose bush had a baby. Makes your face dewy with a light tingle. 

Priming Moisturizer: I use this product right before applying makeup. The consistency is more like a primer than a moisturizer; it's not heavy at all, but preps the skin with a hydrated and smooth surface. Best for use in the morning!

Moisturizing Moon Mask: This mask is amazing. I have always had issues with breaking out after heavy clay masks, but I have had the best luck with this one. The Moisturizing Moon Mask goes on like face lotion: light and smooth. While it's on your face it tingles, almost like there are little bubbles popping. Note: If you have sensitive skin, it may burn or tingle more than usual! I use this mask once a week depending on when my face needs a little pick me up. It's a little harder to get off than normal masks, but it helps to have a wet wash cloth to help out! 

Balm Dotcom: This stuff is not like many balms. Not sticky at all and provides locked in moisture throughout the day. It's awesome living in Denver because the air is so damn dry here! I use this on my lips and hands when they need a little extra moisture. 

Haloscope: This thing is a magic wand. Delivers the perfect glowing and moisturized highlights to your face with a flick of the wrist. I use this after applying makeup on the upper cheek bones and along the brow bones. Comes in two colors, a golden bronze (Topaz) and a brighter light shimmer (Quartz). 

Generation G Matte Lip Color: Matte beautiful lip color. Generation G is unlike any other matte lip color out there. Not thick or goopy and doesn't get flaky after the day is over. It literally feels like chapstick! Comes is a few different shades.