The simplicity in lasting product has become a priority for me when building my wardrobe. Obviously fast fashion trends are easy to get your hands on (and I definitely do), but when I search for staple pieces that will remain in my closet forever, I look for timeless style and solid construction. Over and over I keep finding these pieces at Taylor Stitch. I had been looking for a staple tailored button up in white for months, while none quite fit my criteria. Many shirts were either well made with a poor fit, or shirts that wouldn't last one wash but fit me well. The Katherine Shirt fits all of my needs: perfectly tailored to fit the female figure, the fabric is the softest I have felt in a work-appropriate shirt, so well made, and easily styled with different looks. Check out the Katherine Shirt on the TS site here, they come in so many amazing colors and fabrics! 



This post is brought to you by Taylor Stitch, photographed by Mel Suchowolec.