Spring Revamped
Spring is the time of plans and projects.
— Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy said it best: spring does really bring out the productivity in people. It’s a time for renewal, good vibes and of course spring cleaning. In an ideal world, spring would provide a money tree that could be picked to fund new décor to revamp my home each year. Unfortunately, according to my parents (time after time), money does not grow on trees so I’m out of luck there.

In the real world, I’m stuck making collages of what my ideal spring space would look like should I win the lottery. This year I’m straying away from the classic pastels and trying out a new sort of spring – a Spring Revamp. This involves brighter materials, lighter aesthetic and contrasting accents to bring light into the room through texture mixing and subtlety as opposed to extreme color pops.

A lighter leather couch with textured accent pillows bring a neutral brightness to the room that can be easily transitioned to fit with other seasons. Instead of bright flowers and colors, the color contrast is shown mainly in the foliage and metallic accessories. These pieces are playful and indicative of spring without rubbing it in your face. With these slight changes, your space will look brighter, more refined and overall revamped! (P.S. Everyone needs a coffee table book or two, or five).