I feel like I haven't stopped moving since day one of 2017 hit. Maybe this is just the year to get after it (whatever "it" may be to you). Trying to stay motivated with a mile long to do list is rough, but I find that the little victories have been the most rewarding, plus I'm getting to do what I love along the way. I've been working towards getting my creative ideas into action - so far so great; I have been able to access so much more of my creativity in these past few months alone than I have in the last year, and I am so so grateful!

This year I am trying to be as optimistic, transparent, and open to new opportunities as possible. Through all the negativity that is shadowing the world, I hope to motivate others to do the same. So thankful for my community and where I am at in the universe at this moment.  

xx Carly 



All images courtesy of Kat Wagner